Topps Way-Out Wheels!!   1970     Bubbles Are Here

This fun little set of 36 cards was produced by Topps in 1970. Each card featured pictures of custom built cars by George Barris and other designers (not to be confused with Chuck Barris of the Gong Show).

Each pack of Way-Out Wheels came with 3 cards the size of postcards, a piece of gum and an 'auto stickers' sticker also known as an 'auto emblems' sticker. Each auto stickers card has 16 emblems. It is possible to collect 44 different cards, 22 white and 22 tan back cards. The wrapper is oversized with the serial number 0-413-96-01-0.

I've put together a full set of OPC cards here below for your enjoyment which were made in Canada by the O Pee Chee company around the same time. They are the same as the Topps version but with french translation included.

The actual model for each card's vehicle can be seen on Dave's Show Rod Rally.

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