Topps Marvel Super Heroes Stickers            Bubbles

Marvel Super Heroes 1976

In 1976, the year following the success of Comic Book Heroes, Topps created a second set of super heroes. Similar, yet different, this whiteback set became known as Marvel Super Heroes. This set contained 40 different super heroes and a few repeated heroes with alternate captions in their 'speech balloons'.

The wrapper, serial number 0-411-21-01-6, had three variations and three Ads: The Hulk, Cap’t America and Spiderman with Ads: ‘Zodiac Birthstone Necklace’, ‘Gold Or Silver Name Tag’ and ‘Fly The Bazooka Airfleet!’ (You could also include a 4th variation, the UK version of the wrapper with the same three super heroes and ‘Bazooka Bubble Gum’ as the Ad with serial number 0-423-0-9)

This set is distinguishable by the two copyrights on the cards: “© 1976 Topps Chewing Gum, Inc Prnt. In U.S.A. and copyright © 1976 and TM Marvel Comics Group. All rights reserved.” Conan The Barbarian Puzzle/Checklist Cards with one copyright on checklist “©1976 Topps Chewing Gum Inc. Prtd in U.S.A.”

Cards In Checklist Order:

-The Hulk-- "Can't Anyone Make Cuffs Right?"
-The Hulk [alternate title]-- "Help cure athlete's feet!"
 -Warlock-- "Stop me if you heard this before..."
-Kid Colt-- "I Am Not Kidding Around!"
-Iron Man-- "Quick-anyone have an oilcan?"
-Goliath-- "Wanna hear a tall story?"
-Deathlok-- "I'm the Seven Million Dollar Man"
-Captain America-- "I've got to stand this way or my pants fall down!"
-Spider Man-- "Insects scare me silly!"
-Ice Man-- "I'll never eat another frozen dinner!"
-Dr. Strange-- "Did anyone see a flying sorcerer?"
-Silver Surfer-- "You'll take a shine to me!"
-The Thing-- "Who said I'm a falling rock zone?"
-The Human Torch-- "Who called me a hot-head?"
-Howard the Duck-- "I'm going quackers!"
-Daredevil-- "See no evil!"
-Loki-- "What and awful case of ear-wax"
-Loki [alternate title]-- "Who says I'm bull-headed?"
-Sgt. Fury-- "War makes me fighting mad!"
-The Watcher-- "Hiya Kids! Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!"
-Luke Cage-- "Like My Denture Work?"
-Luke Cage [alternate title]-- "Two All Beef Patties Please!"
-Tigra-- "Cat food for dinner again?"
-Thor-- "Don't make me thor!"
-Red Sonja-- "My sword gives six extra shaves!"
-Dr. Doom-- "Anyone out there have a can opener!"
-Conan-- "Hold The Pickle Or Else!"
-Conan [alternate title]-- "Shall we dance?"
-Son Of Satan-- "Waiter, bring me a clean fork!"
-The Vision-- "Who stole my yo-yo?"
-Red Skull-- "What makes you think I'm angrey?"
-Peter Parker-- "Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers!"
-Killraven-- "I'll teach you to make fun of my hair-do!"
-Galactus-- "No, I'm Not the mad Hatter!"
-Cyclops-- "I'm a sight for sore eyes!"
-Black Goliath-- "Bowling sure is fun!"
-The Punisher-- "Oh boy! I win the Kewpie doll!"
-Dracula-- "So this is how you do the hustle!"
-Blade-- "I'm a real cut up!"
-Hercules- - "Like my nail polish?"
-Hercules [alternate title] -- "Look, I have a hang-nail"
-Bucky-- "How'd you like a knuckle sandwich?"
-Invisible Girl-- "I use vanishing cream!"
-Volstagg-- “I was a 980 pound weakling”
-Volstagg [alternate title]-- "Fat is beautiful!"
-The Angel-- "I'm heading south for the winter"