Nutty Initials      1967             

       Topps Nutty Initials (Test Issue) 1966-1967 White Back- 53 in set- Large Punctuations Cards Wrapper Serial # T-91-44 BRAND NEW TEST SET PAGE HERE!!!!
       Topps Nutty Initials (US Issue)
1967 Tan Back - 48 in set- No Large Punctuations Cards. Wrapper Serial # 0-417-85-01-7 Letters in US Nutty set: A-Z.
       A&BC Nutty Initials (UK Issue)
1968 Small size 2 3/16x 3 3/16- 49 in set Wrapper No Serial Number.
       Trebor Sharps Nutty Initials (Irish Issue)
1977 White Backs- 53 in set (same as US Test Issue) Wrapper # 0-420-0-7 Irish Examples
       Playtime Nutty Initials (New Zealand Issue)
1969 48 in set Wrapper No Serial Number Scanlens Nutty Initials (Australia Issue) 1969 48 in set. Wrapper
Mad Caps (Irish Issue) 1994 (2⅛"x 3") 48 in basic set Box & Wrapper Serial # 0-444-0-3  Mad Cap Article here by Pete Boulay & PuzzleBacks

Thanks to Paul Hotchkin for info, scans and help!


22 Combos: 1LH2 1LKR   5OVQ 5OW?   7EBZ 7EVQ   A3DG A3IO AEIO AE$T  

FUDG FUH2  I4BZ I49N   MCJ8 MCKR  S¢!& S¢$T  X6W? X6!& YPJ8 YP9N ?

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New scans posted of multi letters & wrappers . Special thanks to Mike Harris, Marc Simon & Mad Caps info and scans from Pete Boulay!!