All 55 cards in this Mod Generation Test Set were designed by Topps freelance artists, most likely Trina Robbins and redrawn and painted by Norm Saunders and Augie Napoli.

At least 36 of the images were painted by Norm Saunders and 27 were designed & painted by Norman Saunders, according to his son, David Saunders. According to Jay Lynch, the paintings not done by Norm were done by Augie Napoli, who also did the Monster Initials Set. This issue proved unsuccessful and was not released outside of the test. Two stickers remain unidentified.

An unopened test pack contains 3 white back stickers and piece of gum in a Test Wrapper. More about this elusive set at David Saunder's Mod Website!

Recently discovered art for the Mod Generation Box as well as Original Character Art for Richard, Natalie, Shelly, Jerry & Heart Girl