Test Set 1976 Bubbles Are Here
Stick Em on Jeans, Jackets, T-Shirts, Any Place!
          These are some images of the test set of Topps Fancy Pants stickers. The set was made in 1976 and test marketed in Brooklyn, NY by Topps Chewing Gum. Not much is known about the set other than they weren't received well and thus not manufactured for national disctribution. The stickers themselves are very fragile as they were made with a fabric type material. Just like the wacky packages cloth sticker set, this poses a problem for collectors who want to keep them for posterity as they tend to lose their adherence to the back of the card and slide. It's probably best to keep them in penny sleeves and inside top loaders. As with any cloth type card set never put them in nine card sleeves.

The cards were issued in a white wax wrapper (serial #T-85-5) with a content sticker affixed on top and copyright sticker sealing the pack.

Checklist Card      Puzzle Piece      Back Of Sticker             Test Pack